With the recent introduction of Scoops n Bites it’s now time for a “SCOOP” on the BITES section of this “Vegetarian and Vegan” outlet.

Introducing Veggie Burgers, Rice Bowls, Pasta Bowls and other specials cooked to perfection using homemade ingredients and olive oil with a sincere focus on the health conscious.

A variety of Burgers, in a wide range of palatable flavors with a drizzle of our special Signature sauce to tantalize your taste buds. Convenient takeaway Rice Bowls both mild and spicy to make for an “out of ordinary” eating experience in your own home.

A Daily Special meal available for those who are craving for a balanced lunch meal with a feeling of - “oh I wish I could find something to eat every day that tasted like my mamas homemade meal” - without going to the trouble of making it.